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We've been VERY busy for several years studying LEDs and Fishing Lights. We have a pile of prototypes that looked good on paper, but just didn't make the final cut. Technology has progressed to the point where we now have LEDs that are brighter than fluorescent lights, won't kill your battery, are extremely durable and can be priced reasonably. We build ours in Texas. They won't leak, crack or fail after a year or two. Check the imports. They just don't compare. Most of our components are made in the USA.

We have a new light for 2014 - the Pro48-LED-WW. It comes with a 25-ft power cord, integrated weight to sink the light vertically, pure GREEN Light-Emitting Diode (LED) light, and is so brilliant that it will literally will Hurt Your Eyes if you stare at it! Check the specs and Welcome to the 21st Century! We continue with our shorter version that came out in 2011 - the Pro24-LED-WW. It comes with a 20-ft power cord, integrated weight to sink the light vertically, pure GREEN Light-Emitting Diode (LED) light.

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The Days are Getting Longer. It's time for some Night Fishing!

Welcome to The Fishinglights Company.  Our lights are designed to attract bait fish, which in turn, attract larger fish.  The use of GREEN light in our fishing lights emulates the underwater lighting conditions of early dawn, which stimulates feeding.  GREEN light also travels farther in water than other colors.  Check out our fully submersible 12-volt DC fishing lights and find the ONE that is right for you!

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Here's an update From our VP of Sales: The 2013 Fishing Season was fantastic! Get into night fishing with one of our lights via the website, or if you are in Texas, visit Tackle Hut here in Houston. Don't forget that we NOW have two LED Fishinglight styles! They are the brightest LED Fishing Lights available. We only sell LED lights but we will continue to provide repairs and other service on our fluorescent fishing lights.

Use The BUY NOW Buttons and Get FREE USPS Priority Mail SHIPPING to Continental U.S.!!

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Payment Info & Contact Information

We accept payment with MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express via PAYPAL.  Free Shipping to Continental USA via USPS Priority Mail when you use the "Buy Now" buttons to pick your light(s), and then BUY with your credit card through PAYPAL.  We also accept orders via mail with payment using checks or money orders. Unfortunately we regret that we can no longer ship to Hawaii, Alaska, other USA territories, or international destinations. The cost and damaged lights have become prohibitive. You MUST provide a continental USA address to place an order.

You can also get our lights at the Tackle Hut, 216-C West Little York Road, Houston, TX 77076.  They can accept credit-card orders over the phone at 713-694-8008.  Same lights - Same prices!  A shipping charge of $20 will apply to items ordered by phone through Tackle Hut for delivery/shipping.

Our offices are located in Houston, Texas.  We can be reached via e-mail or phone for any questions you may have.  Our new lights have been at local shows, and now, with the Internet, you can see pictures of the different sizes and styles.

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